Everlight Mexico I 

Investment Vehicle investing in Mexico consumer 

Everlight Australia

Investment Vehicle investing in Australian businesses and assets

Everlight Brazil I 

Investment Vehicle investing in Brazilian fitness studios

Investor and Adviser

Distinguished investment company seeking attractive investment opportunities 

Everlight Capital

Everlight Capital is a global boutique asset manager and advisory group. Everlight Capital is a manager of private equity strategies, as well as an adviser to investors looking to invest into certain regions around the world. Everlight Capital also assists companies achieve their corporate objectives through providing bespoke corporate advice and assisting them to raise capital.

Founded in New York in 2010 by Declan Sherman, Everlight Capital has led multiple capital raisings into growth businesses and successfully founded 2 start-up businesses in the Americas. It has also advised multiple NYSE and ASX listed companies on acquisitions, restructurings and divestitures.